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Your one stop online shop for everything Stand Up Paddle Board, specialising in Inflatable SUPs. We are a family run, Australian owned business based in Perth, Western Australia.

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About Madley Sups

We are a young Perth family in love with stand up paddle boarding, wanting to share the freedom and adventure that supping can bring, with as many people as possible.

Inflatable boards open the adventure possibilities, going on holiday? Take the SUP Bag with you, Have a small hatch car? All good, the SUP Bag will fit in your boot. Surf? Yoga? Kids? Camping? Hiking? Beach? River? The inflatable sup can go with you.

Come join me in my blog, together we will explore with our Madley Sups All-Rounder.



Paddling Along Safety Bay, W.A


Paddling Along Safety Bay, W.A

Monday morning, kids are at school, time to check out Safety Bay, W.A
Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions answered here, if you have any more that you would like to ask please email us directly.
How do i Inflate and Deflate the board?


How do i Inflate and Deflate the board?

Instructions on how to both inflate and deflate your board.